Who Are We?

We're an ensemble of 10 musicians, a Dectet.

Think Woodwind Quintet x 2.

We're music teachers and music professionals based in New England.

a typical dectet ....

Two Flutes

Sometimes we’re one flute and one piccolo.  We’re always pitched in C.

While we’re the highest voice, we don’t necessarily always play the melody.

Two Oboes

Oboes are pitched in C and provide a complimentary texture to the flute’s more pure timbre.

Two Clarinets

We are nearly always Clarinets in B Flat, although Clarinets in A are occasionally used depending on when the music was written (and by whom).

Two Horns

Specifically, we are two French Horns.  While horns come in many variations and sizes, we usually play ‘double horns’ in F/B Flat.

Two Bassoons

While we are pitched in C, we read using the bass clef.  Most of the time, we’re the ‘bass line’ of the ensemble.

Why you might like to hear us play....

Good Music

We play works from the "Dectet Repertoire". If you attend a concert, you may hear an arrangement you recognize, but you will likely also hear something new.

Interesting Instruments

Choir, orchestra or string quartet we're not. We think you will find the sound of a dectet refreshing.

At Ease...

Our typical audience member is YOU: local families, retirees, professionals, students. Everyone welcome.

Our Address

Worcester Winds

c/o Pakachoag Music School, 10 Irving Street, Worcester, MA  01609

At All Saints Episcopal Church

Concert venues vary throughout New England.  Check our concerts page for details.